Songs of the Iron Grindstone band

Several of the songs are about getting back to nature. Some older versions and live recordings are included. Brief synopses of the songs' meanings are at the bottom.

Recorded at Loihi Studio, Hilo, Hawaii, and at Brod Rob's, Hawaiian Acres, Hawaii in 2023-2024:

  1. If Only You Knew
  2. It Must Be Love
  3. Ever Since You Left Me
  4. Care How Well Others Do
  5. Going Native
  6. Big City Blues
  7. Little Seed
  8. Tenny (instrumental)
  9. Hell Itself (lyrics from Alex Jones, Dec 7, 2015 )
  10. Put Me In The Game, Coach (lyrics from Alex Jones, Jul 10, 2023)

Recordings from live gigs in 2019-2020:

  1. Big City Blues
  2. Mainland Blues
  3. If Only You Knew
  4. It Must Be Love

Recorded at a studio in Huntington Beach, California in 2007:

  1. This Place Has Got Something
  2. This Place Has Got Something (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. It Must Be Love
  4. If Only You Were Here
  5. Mainland Blues

Musicians on the recordings:

About the Iron Grindstone band

Statement of Purpose:

Our intention is to empower humans on earth to take responsibility for themselves
and the planet and thereby attain freedom, sovereignty, and full galactic citizenship.

We imagine this way of life, with love and compassion, cooperation, complete honesty,
and with each being personally responsible for their entire experience using the first four
fundamental laws of the universe: attraction, intention, allowance, and balance.

We believe the universe is providing immense energy for this because we stay in the
expansive flow of creation using the four laws for the best and highest good of all concerned,
which includes all beings.

We feel it is wise to "live and let live" and deny that "the end justifies the means".

We are humans becoming!

Iron Grindstone Lu, Hopi Indians, and Tibetan Lamas:

The band is named after a legendary zen buddhist master, Iron Grindstone Lu, in China around 800 AD. She was known in dharma combat (i.e. debate among monks) as being able to grind any opponent to bits.

The songs emphasize getting back to nature. This wisdom is depicted in the Hopi petroglyph (below). It shows two paths.  The lower one is the Red Road of the spiritual world, in harmony with earth, leading to the Great Spirit, higher dimensions, and oneness.  The upper one is the Black Road of the material world leading to greed, destruction, and oblivion.  People on the Black Road are being lured to oblivion by technology. We have a choice, but the further along we go, the harder it is to rejoin the Red Road, and there is a point of no return.

The Hopis, known as the most peaceful people of North America, have an ancient connection to Tibetans. The prophecy includes a warning that two "red hats" (Tibetan Lamas (Buddhist priests)) will come from the east and if we do not listen to their teachings then we will be swarmed by countless "red hats" from the west who will be merciless. The Tibetan Lamas made their journey to North America to meet with the Hopis in 1979.

Song meanings (titles in boldface):

Beautiful Girl, a gift from the universe, the greatest gift a boy could ever receive.

Big City Blues - Living in a big city separates us from nature, making us dependent upon, and enslaved by, centralized systems. Gotta walk away, back to nature.

Can't Help It – Can't help rockin' out, driven by higher powers. It’s why we’re here.

Care How Well Others Do - The world is a better place when we each care about how well others are doing. This attitude is held by those who avoid victim consciousness and instead take personal responsibility for bringing the whole planet back into balance and harmony.

Ever Since You Left Me - I'm confused as I find out how thoroughly you were deceiving me.

Going Native - When an agent of the state is on assignment and decides to leave the agency and join the local inhabitants, they say he "went native". That person no longer serves the state. We can withdraw our support of the state by getting back to nature. If we all do this then our biggest problems will be solved.

Hell Itself – a rant and rave of Alex Jones about the evil that is overtaking us

If Only You Knew how I feel about you, it would change your feelings about me.

If Only You Were Here – I let you go snd miss you so I need you back again.

I Got Someone that makes me happy. I wish everyone has someone making them feel this way.

Invention – a short classical-sounding dance-tempo instrumental

It Must Be Love - You make me feel young, strong, happy, healthy, and whole.  It must be love.

Little Seed – honoring the seeds we plant and the seedlings we nurture.  The Hopi creator god, Maasow, carried only a digging stick and a medicine pouch with seeds. He recommends his people do the same.

Mainland Blues - Though I'm here on island, it's hard letting go of old habits from the mainland.

Put Me In the Game, Coach – Alex Jones' begging the Lord to use him in the fight against evil.

Tenny - a short up-tempo rock instrumental

Thank You, Baby for spending your life with me. My soul will always treasure this experience.

This Place Has Got Something - Puna, Hawaii, in the heart of mother nature, is where I want to be.

What're We Doin' Tonight - We got each other, whatever we do, is gonna feel all right.